10 Must Have Resources for a Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme Visa Application

by The Visa Geeza.

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is the jeckyll and hyde visa programme of the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

At once, it is a tremendous addition to the various visa options available to intending foreign national residents of the HKSAR and is warmly welcomed.

However (truth be known) in the final analysis it is not much more than a lottery unless you happen to be a manifestly amazing talent (Nobel Laureate? Olympiad? Virtuoso?) or possess truly unique skills which the Selection Committee believes Hong Kong needs (Professional Ice Hockey Coach? Art Therapist? Emeritus Professor of Mathematics?).

It costs nothing to apply and only HKD160 if you’re accepted so why not give it a try?

Nothing to lose, right?

True – but  be ready for a 7~12 months application consideration processing time frame, no visibility of who you’re competing against, a great deal of paper shuffling and a marginal chance of approval (just 27% according to recent stats of the Hong Kong Immigration Department), especially if you’re not from the Mainland .

However, the resources which follow will help you to take stock of the QMAS challenge and provide you with some much needed assistance on your journey to a golden quality migrant ticket.

The 10 Resources You Need 

D-I-Y APPLICATION KIT - Everything you need, all in one place, to assist you make your application for a QMAS visa

TEMPLATES - Quality Migrant Admission Scheme covering representations and other supporting letters

MOVIE - 3 x case studies of successful applicants receiving Quality Migrant Admission Scheme approvals

PODCAST – Is there any specific type of talent the Immigration Department are looking for in a QMAS applicant?

MOVIE – Just how competitive is the QMAS programme and is it really worth making an application?

PODCAST - Realistically, what is the minimum number of points for a QMAS application?

PODCAST – Just how important are employment testimonials in a Quality Migrant Admission Scheme application?

PDF – Checklist of documentary requirements for a QMAS application

OPINION - What does the Visa Geeza think about the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme?

EXTENSION KIT – All the resources you will need to extend a QMAS visa (once approved!)

PodCast Answer to Your Question

As always, if you have a specific question you need an answer to, please feel free to ask me and I will provide you with a PodCast Answer within 48 hours – completely free of charge!


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